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Loyalty Program
Loyalty Program

Duration 0 day(s)

The new loyalty program is meant to enhance and strenghten the relation between the hotel and the repeat clients.

 2nd time visit:

  • full bathroom amenities ( bathrobe-on-shower/ bath gel-soap-shower cap-sewing kit)
  • fruit basket – small
  • 02 MW, 0.5 soft drinks
  • free late check-out till 14:00
  • free internet usage for 1 hour

 3rd time visit:

  • same as 2nd time repeater
  • Fidelity card
  • free internet usage for 1 hour
  • free late check-out till 15:00
  • invitation to gala dinner once per stay

4th time visit:

  • same as 3rd time repeater
  • fruit basket – medium
  • late check out till 16:00

5th time visit:

  • same as 4th time repeater
  • tree planting celebration
  • free internet usage for 2 hours
  • courtesy pick up from/to air port
  • local wine in the room

10th time visit onwards:

  • same as 5th time repeater
  • invitation for gala dinner once per week
  • upgrade the room type
  • free internet usage for 3 hours
  • free late check-out till 18:00